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Avoid the hassle of Payroll – Let us handle it!

Payrolling is a complicated and time-consuming job, with so many government regulations to abide by.
Our professional team at DIOL provides solutions to tackle all these daunting tasks in compliance with all the current payroll regulations and techniques in place with accuracy and efficiency.

We understand that managing a business profitably is no easy task, with so many non-sales areas of the business to handle. This is where a professional consultancy group like us can be of great help to your company, by letting us handle your payroll, you could save your time and energy on your core business.

So let’s start with the most basic question:


Listed below are some of the top reasons why some companies outsource:

1. Cost Savings

  • Completely eradicate the initial cost of hardware and software followed by maintenance
  • Completely eliminate the cost of technology upgrades and changes in legal provisions
  • Completely eradicate the cost of workstations, recruiting, training, paying and maintaining employees needed to run the above discussed back office duties

2. Other indirect time/cost savings

  • Eliminates errors and drawbacks caused due to manual handling of data
  • Eliminate the risk of leakage or loss of your secure and confidential data
  • Opportunity to deploy your HR resources and time to your core business
  • Ensure a stable working environment

3. Change in company focus

  • Cut down on the time spent on regular back-office administrative tasks and focus on business expansion
  • Lower legal and finance-related risks involved due to non-compliance of rules, regulations and technology shifts and developments
  • Allow yourself to continuously focus on planning and strategic direction
  • Get tailored solutions to meet the demands of your ever-changing business operational needs
  • Allow more flexibility to you as a company via outsourcing
  • Regular real-time consultation and information that may not be available internally at your company
  • Raise the satisfaction of your employees with timely and accurate wage payment, along with positive timely responses to their HR matters
Change in company focus

With outsourcing, all levels of staff in your company will enjoy some form of benefits and convenience.

1For the Management

  • Real-time management reports
  • Attain cost savings by reducing capital investments
  • Strengthen internal control and planning
  • Reduce turnover, rehiring, and retraining

2For the HR Department

  • Reduce tedious and time consuming administrative work
  • More time to focus on productive and strategic HR work

3For the Line Managers

  • Convenient and flexible reporting options
  • Updated staff information for management decision making

4For the

  • Fast and accurate access to information

Why Our Payroll Services?

Our prime mission is to assist you to achieve real concrete benefits. Help you taste the real savings and maximize service performance.

By partnering with us for your HR services, we can offer you a flexible and streamlined payroll service at a competitive price.

We are glad and is looking forward to being a part of your business success. “GET IN TOUCH WITH US NOW”

Our Services

  • Processing and managing of payroll
  • Customized reports
  • Statutory Returns-Based on your statutory deductions and payments
    • EPF
    • ETF
    • PAYE
  • Journal entries compatible with your ERP and General Ledger formats
  • Management information (Detailed cost analysis grouped by employee, department, location, etc.)
  • Calculation of the compensation to be paid to employees in case of resignation or statutory termination
  • Preparation of payroll budget
  • Preparation and submission of electronic files and returns to the respective statutory bodies via the online portal
  • Prompt notification of changes to employment laws
  • Registration of employer to the statutory authorities (EPF & ETF Registration)